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  • DannyK 9:14 PM on January 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Alien, , Human, Observation, Science, Species, Urine   

    Alien Perspective: The Purpose of Human Species – Part 1 

    The Paragraph below is translated from the original alien text included in “Memoires of a Plutonian“.

    After close observation, the purpose of the ‡µ∑ªπ species aka Humans, is to transform different types of liquids they ingest from one end, into a clear yellowish fluid they produce from another end. They can sip all forms of liquids like water, and a white liquid that comes from cows, dark liquids from different beans and plants, in addition to yellow, clear and other colorful liquids they drink at late night, and other types of fluids…

    This processed liquid they produce seems to be essential to them and their ecosystem, for they secrete it and transport it in special underground ducts to reach the sea. The reason of adding it to the sea is still unclear and needs further observations. However, one of the hypothesis is that this is a salinization process for acidifying the oceans to reverse the effect of dilution of water by the rain, and rivers.

    Observation 15 made on 165-Januarus-2k15

  • DannyK 12:05 AM on April 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: awesome, emotion, good, ok,   

    An Emotional Transition. 

    Everything will be fine. Everything will be good. Everything will get better. Everything will be alright. Everything will be cool. Everything will be great. Everything will be perfect. Everything will be positive. Everything will turn out superb. Everything will be excellent. Everything will be outstanding. Everything will be wonderful. Everything will be exceptional. Everything will be terrific! Everything will be fantastic! Everything will be marvelous! Everything will be brilliant! Everything will be fabulous! Everything will be awesome!
    Everything Is OK.

  • DannyK 12:24 PM on April 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: change, choice, context, mind, mistakes, past, ,   

    Time Travel & My Mind. 

    I have somehow encountered again the idea of time travel while thinking if I would make the same mistakes that I did in the past again or if I would have changed things in my life if I repeated it starting at some point in the past.

    The current answer is: I think I would have done the same.
    Yes, the same mistakes, and slips and would have reached the same point where I would regret them again. And No, not that I’m that stupid to repeat my mistakes over and over, nor that I’m proud of whatever I did or – as celebrities say in interviews – that I’m not ashamed of my past or have “nothing to hide” or that I liked the experience of it to know between wrong and right.

    I would have done the same simply for the mere belief that if I just push that button, and go back in time, my physiology would go back in time with me, and my mind too, my whole mind patterns and brainwaves and type of thinking; and I will have the same logic that I had and that logic would work within the same context that was formed until that point.

    Consequently, I would make the same choices whatever they were; and I would arrive someday to write this post in my blog until one day my context would change, affecting my brain again and I might change my mind about it and write otherwise.

    PS. I don’t really know how this would fit in a Parallel Universes theory.

  • DannyK 5:51 PM on February 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: beautiful, feel, old, sequence, shop   

    Sequence can make all the difference. 

    She decided to take care of herself from now on. So she went out shopping, and got everything she wanted and needed.
    As she was going back home, 2 guys in a car went past her and started hitting on her in a loud voice: “She’s old, but beautiful”. It made her day.
    Later that day, she got dressed with her new dress she recently bought, and went out for dinner. As she crossed the street, 2 other guys in a car commented in a loud voice: “She’s beautiful, but old”…

  • DannyK 3:30 PM on October 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: coffee, milk, morning   

    Bikaffi Coffee! 

    I don’t drink coffee in the morning, and I’m not ahsamed of it.

    Why do people keep on getting surprised whenever I say “No thanks, I don’t drink coffee” (well, except in rare occasions like having a headache)? Why has it become the lifestyle of people and designers in particular?

    Today someone asked me “do you really not drink coffee in the morning everyday?”…”all people do it”
    That moment I felt like a weirdo.
    But i was brave enough to say “No, i drink cold milk.”

  • DannyK 7:00 PM on June 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: body, detect, language, lecture, lie   

    Body Language! 

    In a recent lecture on “The Essentials of Body Language”, Imad Mekahal played a video by called “How to Detect a Lie.” This illustrated eight giveaways: face-touching, erratic eye behavior, unnatural speech, a half-smile, defensive positioning of the body, discomfort caused by pauses in speech by the questioner, hyper-specific fabrication such as mentioning someone’s full name, and the elation at having the topic of conversation dropped.

    I was thinking… I do these signs most of the time when having normal conversations but for other reasons, like pausing for giving accurate terms, erratic eye behavior for… I don’t know why,… and others…

    Then I thought If were to lie, what would happen?….
    System Failure…Freeze….Have to restart.

    You see my signs for lying are much simpler. Simpler is better. However no lies from my side… pretty embarrassing 😐

  • DannyK 4:33 PM on June 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: admit, book, , duck, rabbit, season, wrong   

    Duck Season! 

    Bugs: “Duck season!”
    Daffy: “Rabbit season!”
    Bugs: “Duck season!”
    Daffy: “Rabbit season!”
    Bugs: “Duck season!!”
    Daffy: “Rabbit season!!”
    Bugs: “Wabbit season!”
    Daffy: “Duck season!!!”
    Bugs: “Wabbit season!!!”
    Daffy: “I say it’s duck season, and I say, fire!”

    …Well, I’ve been reading this chapter “If you’re wrong, admit it”, and the above conversation came to my mind and started making more sense…

    If you want to know more, leave a note, or give me a call or somethin’

  • DannyK 12:50 PM on May 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Beats, GMT, Internet, , Pangea, Swatch, , Timezone, , Ultima, Zone   

    Time-Zones S*ck 

    * replacing the missing small-caps Latin letter “u”

    Talking on Skype isn’t that convenient when there are time-zones,… especially a LOT of time-zone difference…

    Which came to my mind,… a few weeks ago, I was watching a documentary about Pangea Ultima and the drifting of continents back into one massive continent! That clicked something!

    Now let me see:…Google…Pangea Ultima… Search…Earth diagram of Pangea Ultima…Cool!

    So now I have some hope… if someone in the next couple of years finds a way to travel through time, I would try +250 million years and see what happens. That way, I’ll be in Lebanon – which would almost be the center of the new earth – and have the max. time-zone around 6-hr difference (my visual assumption on the new map) to the edge of the earth continental cluster.

    6 hrs max., that’s no big deal, there’s a good amount of overlapping daytime! Thank you continental drift.

    But wait a minute…where’s the Mediterranean sea? Seems to be crushed and had evaporated! No more “skiing in the morning, and going to the beach at noon”?

    OK, that’s it! I’m dropping both GMT and UTC… from now on I’m using Swatch Internet Time (and this is not an ad)

    That way, time would be the same all around the earth!

    Internet Beats ROCK!

    OMG!! its 6:30 PM already! I gtg to the gym…

  • DannyK 9:09 AM on May 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: disaster, earthquake, oil, spill, tsunami   

    Natural and Unnatural disasters 

    Tsunamis, earthquakes – and that’s a lot of large scale earthquakes in a relatively limited time, more intense hurricanes, volcanos with more evident effects on the public, more floods (a lot more), and why do I have a feeling that I hear more about plane crashes in the past year than I did before? and now a “devastating” oil spill that can not be stopped and would spread in the ocean and kill all marine life…
    and I’m sure there are disasters I forgot to mention…

    Ok, what’s next? any creative ideas?
    If you have any bright proposals, please post them as comments below, and we will look into the matter; case by case. Thank you.
    The End. (or not yet)

  • DannyK 10:15 AM on May 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: American, Brit, British, color, colour, gray, grey, spell, word   

    American and Brit word difference 

    I just found today another word written with a different spelling: Mold and Mould
    Others are Gray and Grey, Color and Colour, Aluminum and Aluminium, Center and Centre, Theater and Theatre,…hmm… I’ll add the rest when I remember.

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